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> So, if I'm understanding the issue correctly, the open source font in
> Tamil is inferior to the proprietary font that many users have
> installed, correct?


> I recall brief discussion about this at the
> hackathon, but I don't remember the answer:

The agreed answer was to improve Lohit-Tamil and fix issues before using it
on Webfonts instead of getting to develop/use preferences which Tamil
community originally suggested. Fixing issues is good in the sense,
mediawiki / wikipedians dont just consume opensource, they contribute back,
but realistically might take little longer. I am willing to help, just that
I need to learn and do things :)

> Is it possible to
> implement the font delivery in such a way that the superior
> proprietary fonts are specified as preferred, and the inferior open
> source fonts are specified as fallback, so that users who have the
> superior fonts installed will not see any change?

As per Santhosh, "Spying the system" is not possible currently and hence we
cant know that there are fonts on the system, leave alone checking if they
are superior. I was wondering if this requirement can go into HTML5 if it
makes sense / feasible, but thats a long way out.

(NB - as Siebrand noted, the i18n folks are traveling right now, so it
> may take a few days to continue this conversation with everyone
> involved.)

We shall wait :)

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