Today is the translation rally in Pune. What we expect is that we will
break the records of translatewiki.net for things like most translated
messages in an hour or most translated messages in a day.

What we would not mind is when people from all over India join us in
the fun. The localisation of the MediaWiki software is the most
effective way of improving the usability of Wikis in a language other
then English. Thanks to the use of the "LocalisationUpdate" extension,
localisations are likely to be in production within a day maximum two.

I would be more then happy when India proves that it cares for its
many languages. Another reason why we want you to join in the fun is
because you will be testing our input methods and WebFonts and we
REALLY want to learn about any and all issues you find with these...
If something does not look good, provide us with a screen shot print
it, write on it, scan it but REALLY help us understand what your
issues are.

The whole Wikimedia Localisation team is in Pune and we REALLY want to
get the most of this opportunity.

Remember, we intent to have WebFonts go live on December 12.

NB Yes, you can have a local system for whatever purpose and run
LocalisationUpdate on a daily basis. It will improve the usability of
Indic languages when you support these.

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