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As part of the India Programs of
am having discussions with wikipedians across various Indic languages.
already shared the summary of the discussions I had with the
Thanks for continuning discussions on that in meta and mailing lists.

Today I'm sharing a summary of the discussions I had with the *Tamil
wikipedians*. It is available here:

 As you all know, Tamil Wiki community is one of the most active Indic
language wiki community. It has more than 80 active users and the
 interaction between community members is very promising. Tamil wikipedians
are eager to collaborate with other Indic language wikipeans also. Since
the community is very vibrant, we already saw many innovative wiki projects
coming out of the community. The most recent one is, photo

On the discussion
you can see community members are sharing their best practices, need for
online outreach, need of getting state government support, their vision
about wiki projects in Tamil and in other Indic languages, organic growth
of wikipedia articles, and so on. While insisting on organic growth of
wikipedia articles, community is also open to new ideas. In the past we
have seen how successfully Tamil community handled (in fact controlled) the
google translation project while the same project badly affected few other
Indic wikis.

There is no wonder that the responses were also very encouraging from this
vibrant community. Ideas are flowing. :) I welcome you to go through the
responses and discuss the topic on the talk


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