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As part of the India Programs of
am having discussions with wikipedians across various Indic languages.  I
already shared the summary of the discussions I had with the
Thank you all for continuing the discussions in meta wiki and
in mailing lists.

Today I am sharing the summary of the discussions I had with Telugu wiki
community members. It is available here.

Among Indian language wikipedias, Telugu wikipedia is the first Indian
language wikipedia that caught the attention of other Indic language
wikipedians in 2006 itself.  I remember reading about Telugu Wikipedia and
the activities of Telugu wikipedians in many online forums during
2006-2007. Following are some of the blogposts published that time.

about Telugu wikipedia crossing 10,000 articles - 2006 September)
about Telugu wikipedia crossing 30,000 articles - 2007 June)
about Telugu Wikipedia having 3000 registered users - 2007 September)

In technical front also Telugu wikipedia was showing the way for other
Indic language wikipedias. Telugu wikipedia is one of the first Indic
language wikipedia to integrate a typing solution into wikipedia. Even
though much activism happened during 2006-2008, the community was not able
to keep that tempo and increase the community size.

Also among Indian language wiki communities, the concept of *Community
Newsletter <వికీపీడియా:తెవికీ_వార్>* came out
first from the Telugu wiki community. Community already published 5 or 6
editions of Telugu wiki Newsletter. Remember still no other Indic language
wiki community has a community newsletter.

Soon Telugu wikipedia will cross 50,000 articles, the third Indic language
wikipedia to cross that milestone. l  Hope Telugu wikipedians will make use
of that opportunity to add more members to its community. Telugu wikipedia
has roughly 30 active editors now.

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