I'm writing to share an update on the way forward as far as making sure that we 
adequately capture all the learnings possible from the India Education Program. 
 We also want to make sure that these learnings are robust and are incorporated 
into the core program design going forward.  We also would like these learnings 
to also be of an adequately granular level so that we can identify trends of 
what doesn't work and what might work better - such as year of students, nature 
of faculty involvement, subject area, etc.

We are planning multiple channels to capture, analyse and incorporate these 

WMF has commissioned a researcher, Tory Read, to conduct an evaluative study of 
the IEP and provide recommendations for improvement.  Over the course of next 
few days, she will be interviewing several teachers, students, CAs, Directors, 
admins and other wikipedia editors from the global community to take their 
input and views about IEP.   She has already spoken to staff in SF, spent the 
day with us in Delhi and will be in Pune over the next 4 days conducting 
face-to-face interviews.  She will also be reaching out to community members 
outside of Pune.  She will then write an evaluative story about what worked, 
what did not and  learnings from the the pilot.

A series of video interviews were done by a Campus Ambassador in Pune - 
Abhishek Suryawanshi who conducted interviews with students, professors and 
Campus Ambassadors in Pune. We promised all interviewees that any personal 
identifying information would be removed from this analysis to encourage them 
to speak freely. 

In addition, India Programs consultants (Hisham & I) and  Wikimedia Foundation 
staff (Frank Schulenburg and LiAnna Davis) are interviewing experienced 
Wikipedia editors from India and across the world.  Please do reply offlist if 
any one of us can contact you to ask your views (if we already have not.)

We want to collate data points to be able to analyze and draw out trends. Here 
is an example of data that we're trying to dig out (and this is just a sub-set 
of a preliminary list)
What's the amount of data that students have added to Wikipedia? What's the 
amount of data that got reverted? What's the net amount of information that the 
students have added on Wikipedia?
How many students edited articles outside of their in-class assignments?
How many student's got warnings on their talk pages? How many students 
corrected their errors after these warnings?
How many students got blocked? / How many students got blocked more than once?

At the WikiConference India we also had a IEP round table where we invited a 
couple of students, professors and campus ambassadors to share their personal 
views and experience working with IEP pilot.   I'm going to upload the video if 
it's possible and share this with you.  It was a very useful session where we 
discussed many of the points that will inform our future work - such as 
determining whether it should be voluntary or not, what student's were thinking 
while they engaged in copy-pasting into their articles, improvements to Campus 
Ambassador training, ideas on what kind of professors can work best on a 
project of this nature, etc.

The Learnings Page is my *very* preliminary draft at collating learnings from 
the pilot and exploring how how we can incorporate these in our way forward.

We will shortly summaries of all these findings as and when they are ready - 
and welcome an open discussion on them.

Do please share your thoughts and suggestions on the above.  Please also do let 
me know if I've missed out anything.  



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