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> We want to collate data points to be able to analyze and draw out trends.
> Here is an example of data that we're trying to dig out (and this is just a
> sub-set of a preliminary list)

Sharing the entire list of data points would be a nice thing to have.
If it is possible.

> What's the amount of data that students have added to Wikipedia? What's the
> amount of data that got reverted? What's the net amount of information that
> the students have added on Wikipedia?

The above should lend themselves to instrumentation and should be
somewhat trivially available.

> How many students edited articles outside of their in-class assignments?

This is an interesting and non-trivial question. Which prompts me to
ask - why would you want to track this ?

> How many student's got warnings on their talk pages? How many students
> corrected their errors after these warnings?
> How many students got blocked? / How many students got blocked more than
> once?

Again, the above should be easily instrumented. At least, the initial
nature of the questions look that way.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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