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> Actually not. And that's the main reason why we had to pull down the
> Leaderboard (tool that shows bytes of data that has been added by a student
> on Wikipedia) as well. The Leaderboard accounted for all the edits that a
> student would make either on the talk page or on the article space. Also, if
> a students work has been reverted on the article, the leaderborad did not
> account that. Ideally the total amount of data that a student has added
> should exclude amount of data added on talk pages, should exclude data that
> is no more existing on wikipedia and has been reverted. All this data is not
> easily accessible.

Very interesting. I based my opinion on the reading of
<http://jace.zaiki.in/category/research> and a bit of playing around
at that point of time.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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