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> Actually not. And that's the main reason why we had to pull down the
> Leaderboard (tool that shows bytes of data that has been added by a student
> on Wikipedia) as well. The Leaderboard accounted for all the edits that a
> student would make either on the talk page or on the article space. Also,
> if a students work has been reverted on the article, the leaderborad did
> not account that. Ideally the total amount of data that a student has added
> should exclude amount of data added on talk pages, should exclude data that
> is no more existing on wikipedia and has been reverted. All this data is
> not easily accessible.

For me the above data can be classified as  "Number of bytes added" and the
sole purpose of it can be to have projections to increase storage if the
program is to expand, am sure wmf ops is otherwise too good at improving
infra and this would serve no purpose. I would call these as "fake numbers"
because a rollbacker's number would be huge negative number, but I would
assume everyone here agrees rollbacker does positive edits. There is no
point in having this numeric data since one cannot infer anything
irrespective of the number.

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