On 28-Nov-2011, at 5:23 PM, Bala Jeyaraman wrote:

> Somethings vital that are missing:
> 1) How many regular editors were required to clean up the articles. How many 
> reverts/cleanup edits were required to clean up after the IEP students.
> 2) How many admin actions/interventions were required - warnings, blocks, 
> mergers, deletions, AFDs
> 3) How many regular volunteer hours were spent on this project.
> 4) How much did the new page patrollers (NPP) backlog increase because of IEP
> 5) How much did the copyright cleanup investigations (CCI) backlog increase 
> because of IEP
> 6) How long is it going to take to clean everything up. What do the NPP/CCI 
> project members feel about the extra workload.
> 7) What was the impact on the existing en wiki community. How their attitude 
> towards such a program has been damaged. 

Agreed Bala - it is important to analyse the effort that has been put in 
reviewing all the articles that the students have written. I'll forward this 
list to Tory and request her to address these questions during her interviews 
with admins, editors et all.


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