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> hi Sumana,
> Thanks for that update and also thanks to the Engineering team at WMF for the 
> Hackathon. Any possibilities on developers meeting each other and newbies 
> attending these? Also, any possibilities to catch up for those who missed the 
> session in Mumbai?
> warm regards,
> Pradeep Mohandas


Thanks for your note!  I am glad that the Wikimedia Foundation was able
to help out and that I got to meet so many interesting people at the

If I am reading your question right, you are interested in future
hackathons and other technical events?  We are tentatively planning to
run a hackathon in February in Pune, alongside GNUnify
http://gnunify.in/ (GNUnify is 10-11 Feb), but I do not know details
about that yet.  And please keep an eye on this page:


and these feeds:


which tell you about upcoming meetings in physical and virtual space.

You asked about catching up, for those who missed the Mumbai hackathon.
 We did not record any of the sessions of the hackathon (I'm sorry), but
the Technical Liaisons and Developer Relations group is working on
improving our documentation on mediawiki.org, starting with these
recordings and materials:


You might also be interested in some of the recent presentations we've


And Erik added a lot of links to his online notes from his plenary session:


If there is anything specific that you're eager to learn more about,
please let us know by asking in our group chat channel
http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#mediawiki -- that's the fastest
way to get pointers to more information!

And if you'd like for more hackathons and other technical events to
happen in your area, I can try to help.  And of course you can set up an
event on your own as well!  Thanks.

Sumana Harihareswara
Volunteer Development Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation

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