Hi all,

Just a word of caution here.

Lift and ship approach will be a disaster. So any article that goes into
Kiwix, must be reviewed / tagged for legal compliance (Maps, others!), be
of decent quality and avoid controversial topics(Caste topics Hell no). We
must also check for copyvio images etc. It requires fair amount of
reviewing on the content side. When it comes to Indic, spell check,
language quality also matters. Just sharing some points we considered to
bring a quality offline version of Tamil. We were taken by scale of content
copyediting work that such an offline project requires. I am sure
WikiProject:India on enwp has no more volunteers than any Indic
wikipedia(atleast comparable to Tamil) and I seriously don't think we can
do justice for something like this in 60 days.

Srikanth L
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