A few of the interesting articles written about the Dam were by Major (later 
Colonel) John Pennycuick, considered the "Chief Engineer" of the Dam. He wrote 
about his for the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1897. The edition can be 
found here.[1] The edition contains chapters on the "Diversion of the Periyar" 
and "The Periyar Tunnel" followed by discussion and correspondences on the 
same. I really wish we did more stuff like this in 2011, but that is a 
different discussion.

Interestingly, these articles - dated to 1897 (!!!) are pay-walled. Each of the 
article I mentioned above costs GBP 18! 

Help is needed on trying to get these articles so that they can inform the 
Wikipedia article now under Collaboration of the Month. I am hoping to write to 
the UK Wikimedia Chapter and the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK to see if 
copies of these can be obtained. Does anyone on-list see any possibility of 
getting a copy otherwise?

warm regards,

[1] - http://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/content/issue/imotp/128/1897
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