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> For this work, I think it's _imperative_ to get a high-quality, Indic
> version available for mass-distribution. But while the full,
> all-encompassing offline version might take 6-7 months to develop, there are
> bite-sized pieces we can concretely work on so we can start at least pushing
> some information out. For example, if we focus on "Geography" first, we
> could perhaps get a really good "Geography" package set-up and ready to go
> by the next pilot, in order to at least get a package out there - something
> to have a presence within the distributions. The storage space on the Aakash
> tablet and other low-cost devices is minimal, so a limited content package
> is actually fine, in many ways.

The version of Android available on the tablet could be a hindrance to
display/render/input of Indic.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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