Dear friends,

A new list has been born.

Now, English Wikipedians editing on India-related subjects can debate,
discourse and discuss to their heart's content without anyone disturbing
the Wikimedia-I list. We hope this will give rise to much more discourse on
subjects relevant to cntent to English Wikipedia. This is also the place
where discussions on Wikimedia Commons, and other English Wikimedia
Projects such as WikiQuote, Wiktionary, WikiSource etc can be discussed.

Besides this, discussions on Offline Wikipedia, GLAM or other English
language events are also welcome.

A lot of action will come away from Wikimedia-l into this list besides  the
hot new topics we shall be discussing. So if you are an editor who edits on
English Wikipedia on matters India, besides others, or if you want to feel
the pulse on whats happening on the main wikipedia as relates to our
country be sure to click the link above & subscribe.

Lets make new and great things happen!

Warm regards,

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