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>  Changing the topic since I felt Arnavs idea might be applicable on a
> national level. Wikipedia completes 11 years in January 2012 (January 15th
> if my memory serves me right). Last year there were 97 meetups nationwide
> to celebrate Wikipedia 10. How about having a National Wikimedia Photo
> Scavenger Hunt in India to celebrate Wikipedia 11?
> Im hoping something like this can tremendously increase photos from India
> to Commons.

There were 97 events on paper. I cannot recollect reading more than 10
reports. Practically we could say the number would have been around 20.Lets
leave that aside.On the scavenger hunt, Tamil community already has one for
3 month long duration[1], we are also planning for Central Sitenotice for
Indian IPs for 3-4 days in January. You could replicate the same, but be
sure to add volunteer support based on the scale, otherwise it cant
sustain,will have difficulties (Hey, didnt you learn that from
WikiConference! :D)

Steps required for photo scavenger hunt.

1. Customize Upload Wizard, test it.
2. Create help documents, FAQs / videos. [2][3]
3. Create PR using media / social media.
4. Monitor for copyvios, tag them manually post verification.

 -- We are still on process to learn more -- :D

The above activities took us around 30-45 days by a small community.

[1] http://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contest
[2] http://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Upload_tutorial_twmc1.ogv
[3] http://tawp.in/r/2rvn

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