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On Dec 3, 2011, at 11:10 PM, Pradeep Mohandas wrote:

> hi Noopur,
> Hope you're enjoying your time in Amsterdam. We expect a longer report on 
> list after you return to India on GLAMcamp. :)
> I totally agree with you that we need to reach-out more at college fests and 
> events.


> I think an email was sent around on the list about participating in the 
> Calcutta (still not used to writing Kolkata) Book Fair as well. I think it is 
> best to let community members learn about, inform and participate in the 
> events. If and when an organisational affiliation is required, I''m sure that 
> the Chapter will be able to provide the same.


> Hope some of the members in the Bombay community will take you up on your 
> Mood Indigo offer. :) 

+1.  Let me know if you need any help from us and I'd be delighted to support.

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> Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 13:30:18 +0100
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> Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Help with an WP outreach event in Gujarat
> Hello! Sorry for inbox spamming :) Sitting in the GLAMcamp, I cannot stop 
> thinking how our community is doing so much and not getting highlighted, 
> especially all you Indic editors out there. Though I don't really "belong" to 
> the Wiki-geeks group, I think an excellent way of outreach is GLAM events. 
> They are simple to understand, easier to participate and fun things :)
> In response to Arnav's mail, I thought I'll put this idea on the table. I 
> think fests like Footprints, or bigger fests such as Mood Indigo are 
> excellent places to set a booth and do some outreach.


> We could have a photography event (which we call Wiki loves monuments) and 
> get students to get us images. We already have rules for the event and we can 
> arrange a small prize or swags. That way, you don't have to specially call 
> people to places or events and same time we start smaller and have sure 
> results. What we essentially need is a wiki-geek (or an experienced editor as 
> you call it) and someone who can communicate the idea well.

I think you have touched on a really important point and I've been reflecting 
on it.  I think a pairing of experienced editors and reasonably informed 
newbies would be a very powerful combination.  

Caveat to my follow sentences is that I run the risk of gross generalisations - 
but bear them out as reflective of one perspective out of others.  One common 
refrain I hear from experienced community members is that the results from 
outreach efforts are sub-optimal.  The numbers that one gets from outreach are 
always going to be low (after all, globally, ~90k people edit out of 450+m 
readers so the ratios are always going to be low.  Informally, you will also 
hear that (some) attendees on sessions conducted by experienced wikipedians 
find the sessions passionate but too daunting and they find those conducted by 
newbies to be clear but somewhat inadequate.   Can we arrive at a best of 
breed?  However, there must be ways that we can work out how volunteer time in 
outreach and academies and workshops can get better results.  I intend to share 
my thoughts on this in the next few days - but thank you for catalysing 
something in my head.

> What do you guys think? I have friends at Mood Indigo and if Bombay people 
> are willing to take me up on it, we can have a stall there too!

as above, +1!

> Warmly
> Noopur

Thanks for this, Noopur. 


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