In between the conference preparations, I got a job offer and moved to
Bharuch, a town situated in between Surat and Baroda. Just wondering if
there are any Wikipedians from here. Would be lovely to meet up.

I went to the K J Choksi Public Library today. It's like an oasis in the
middle of the Sahara. I fall short of better metaphors to describe the
place. Awesome book collection in English, Hindi and Gujarati. While
becomign a member I broached the idea of a Wikipedia workshop and the folks
at the library are very excited at the prospect. They told me they lack
resource persons who can conduct such programmes for children and members.

While I've offered to conduct the workshop in English and if there is
interest, in Hindi as well, I need help in Gujarati. Any Wikipedian in
Bharuch who is interested in doing a meetup would be great!

warm regards,

Pradeep Mohandas
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