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> I am very much in favour of ( sincerely wishes so) the active community
> members being part of the chapter and its leadership and taking the chapter
> is next level. The chapter will have lose its relevance unless the
> community takes control of it and shape its future.


I keep iterating this often,  May I ask to kindly remove the notion that
> Chapter = EC. Each one of us has an equal responsibility ( and opportunity)
> to take it forward and drive the chapter.

With the very same intent, I opened up the thread, which EC has not opened
/ made much progress, so that we can do something to have more members who
are informed and involved. I would like to point reply of R Srikanth. There
are many such folks on the list, beyond it on various wikis in the "silent
contributors" category who do not like to be a chapter member and this
could be one of the reason. Instead of reaching to events and getting
membership and at some stage tell the world chapter is X members strong,
Chapter must put in more efforts in getting more members of community as
its members and this thread can very well be a start.

Having said that, when our founding members drafted the MoA, the chapter
> membership was made open to any Indian who is above the 18 years of age. We
> didn't want to say No to anyone who is coming forward to join the chapter.
> We wanted it to be open and inclusive, we wanted to set no barriers for
> anyone to join, anyone who is genuinely interested and enthusiastic , just
> like in Wikipedia

It is one thing to say "No to anyone who is interested" / but barriers to
join, another thing to give out forms, ask them to fill up and canvass its
just 100 Rs saying you can be chapter member without letting them know what
it is.

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