I understand that we need more members to take the movement forward, but we
need to ensure that only genuinely interested people become a part of the
Imagine this: Some comapny is unable to promote their product on Wikipedia.
Keeps getting deleted. [Read the mail I sent about Marketing, last week].
One of them joins the chapter, becomes part of the EC after the AGM. What
if he/she now uses that position to promote their comapny?

Think about it.

On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 8:08 AM, CherianTinu Abraham

> Thanks Srikanths for initiating this useful discussion.
> Yes, we are all aware of the problem. But then again there are no straight
> forward answers & solutions too.
> Ironically it is a similar to the "chicken & egg problem". The chapter
> needs the community to grow strong... The community will join the chapter
> only if it is strong".
> One of things, we are trying is to expand the chapter leadership & larger
> community participation is by forming special interest groups for languages
> & cities. The SIG chair will form the SIG teams that will help & steer,
> catalyst the development of the particular communities
> http://wiki.wikimedia.in/City_and_Language_SIG_subcommittee_chair Many
> other teams like Finance, Fundraising , Web, PR/Media Relations, Outreach
> are in making and will be rolled out soon.
> Bala, Welcome to the chapter !  :) Only if enthusiastic community members
> like you come forward , we can make the chapter a better place.
> I also want to use this opportunity to open up discussion ( to all) on
> what should the chapter do.
> 1)  in terms of getting more & more community members
> 2)  having a better relation & participation with the community at large.
> 3) and what the community expects the chapter to do.
> I would request to keep this discussion healthy and constructive. ( and
> obviously no personal attacks )
> Over to you, dear community...
> -TC
> On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 11:56 PM, Bala Jeyaraman <sodabot...@gmail.com>wrote:
>> +1 for recruiting more Wikipedian members.
>> I am one of those Wikipedians who hasn't become a member of the chapter
>> because i am hesitant to get involved in chapter politics and fear of being
>> forced to follow the agenda set by people who know nothing about Wikipedia
>> (except perhaps talking about it). I am sure there are more wikipedians
>> like me who are just observing what goes on from the sidelines. It is
>> people like us who need to be prodded and dragged to become chapter
>> members.(I will send in my membership application soon).
>> Getting non-wikipedians to sign up and increasing the numbers will
>> eventually lead to an organisation completely out of tune with the
>> Wikimedia movement. Numbers for numbers sake is not the road we should
>> take.  As Srikanth R pointed out, there are a lot of  people who would love
>> to take control. I believe such a thing did happen once before and the
>> chapter was forced to send legal notices to dissuade it.  Recruiting
>> numbers for numbers sake might well lead to such a situation again. And
>> when that happens chapter will become yet another talk only organisation
>> completely irrelevant to what Wikipedia actually is.
>> So lets not put up any barriers for membership but at the same time, lets
>> not advertise chapter membership to completely new people by going on
>> membership drives in outreach events.
>> -
>> Bala
>> On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 7:19 PM, Srikanth Lakshmanan 
>> <srik....@gmail.com>wrote:
>>> On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 19:01, CherianTinu Abraham <tinucher...@gmail.com
>>> > wrote:
>>>> I am very much in favour of ( sincerely wishes so) the active
>>>> community members being part of the chapter and its leadership and taking
>>>> the chapter is next level. The chapter will have lose its relevance
>>>> unless the community takes control of it and shape its future.
>>> Word.
>>> I keep iterating this often,  May I ask to kindly remove the notion that
>>>> Chapter = EC. Each one of us has an equal responsibility ( and opportunity)
>>>> to take it forward and drive the chapter.
>>> With the very same intent, I opened up the thread, which EC has not
>>> opened / made much progress, so that we can do something to have more
>>> members who are informed and involved. I would like to point reply of R
>>> Srikanth. There are many such folks on the list, beyond it on various wikis
>>> in the "silent contributors" category who do not like to be a chapter
>>> member and this could be one of the reason. Instead of reaching to events
>>> and getting membership and at some stage tell the world chapter is X
>>> members strong, Chapter must put in more efforts in getting more members of
>>> community as its members and this thread can very well be a start.
>>> Having said that, when our founding members drafted the MoA, the chapter
>>>> membership was made open to any Indian who is above the 18 years of age. We
>>>> didn't want to say No to anyone who is coming forward to join the chapter.
>>>> We wanted it to be open and inclusive, we wanted to set no barriers for
>>>> anyone to join, anyone who is genuinely interested and enthusiastic , just
>>>> like in Wikipedia
>>> It is one thing to say "No to anyone who is interested" / but barriers
>>> to join, another thing to give out forms, ask them to fill up and canvass
>>> its just 100 Rs saying you can be chapter member without letting them know
>>> what it is.
>>> --
>>> Regards
>>> Srikanth.L
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