Sure, isn't the aim of the government to make English the mother
language now? Maybe they should see the Tamil being used by the Tamil
Nadu govt.

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> I realize this is a bit off-topic for the list. The intent is to put
> forth the always present tussle between classical usage and colloquial
> one. I haven't managed to dig out the circular though.
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> In a bid to overcome problems posed by difficult Hindi words,
> Governmenthas asked section officers to use their ” hinglish”
> replacements foreasy understanding and better promotion of the
> language.
> The order issued by the Rajbhasha unit of Ministry of Home Affairs
> wasrecently re-circulated in various offices after it was
> officiallymentioned that such puritan use of Hindi generates
> disinterest among masses.
> The circular recommended that difficult Hindi words can be replaced
> withEnglish alternatives in Devanagari script for official work.
> Citing examples, Department of Official Language at Home Ministry
> said‘misil’ can be replaced with file, ‘pratyabhuti’ with
> guarantee,‘kunjipatal’ with keyboard and ‘sanganak’ with omnipresent
> ‘computer’.
> It also advocated use of popular Hindi words and English alternatives
> tomake the language more attractive and popular in offices and masses.
> “Whenever, during the official work, Hindi is used as
> translatinglanguage, it becomes difficult and complex. There is an
> urgent need tomake changes in the process of English to Hindi
> translations.Translations should carry expression of the original text
> rather thanword-by-word Hindi substitute,” the circular said.
> It said use of popular words of Urdu, English, and other
> regionallanguages should be promoted in official correspondence. Pure
> Hindishould be for literary purposes while practical ‘mixed’ version
> for workpurposes.
> It said it is better to use English terms in Devnagri script than
> totranslate them in pure Hindi.
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