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>> Very cool. :)
> Thank you!
>> Is there going to be any way to measure how often this happens, and for
>> what pages? Other communities have spent many hours discussing this
>> (including English Wikipedia) with little success. Data on how social
>> sharing leads to greater readership, enthusiasm for Wikipedia, and even
>> possibly editing would be fantastic to have.
> For us any number is good :) Having said that, I have subscribed to the
> hashtag on twitter, so can get some numbers in sometime, not sure about
> checking facebook. Absolutely no way to get a count of emails :D. We need
> more readership, so we knock all the doors without worrying much on effect,
> but most of the efforts we take(Contests, Featured Wikimedians, Sitenotice
> campaigns) give us good results for our scale.(IMO except physical outreach
> which gives the least RoI). We are also planning to start a full fledged
> facebook page soon(may be post the media contest) to leverage facebook more
> to showcase DYK, ITN, FA, FPX and hope to get more visitors,editors.
> On English community's debate, its in a very different galaxy, am not even
> sure if we are in same universe(on numbers etc), So things differ.

I saw this used on  Wiki Conference India page
<http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiConference_India_2011>earlier  If
there is some easier analysis of the number of view of the
conference, pre and post the introduction of sharing buttons, it may give
idea the usefulness of the idea. Probably this could apply to Tamil contest.

Arjuna Rao Chavala
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