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>> Hello,
>> This is User:Rangilo_Gujarati here basically from Gujarat and now in Pune,
>> am planning an outreach event most probably a workshop in MS University
>> Baroda, Gujarat during their forthcoming technical festival
>> Footprints<http://www.msu-footprints.org/>.
>> Also am the Campus Ambassador for India Education Program too, I need some
>> input from you guys.
>> The organizers of this event have basically no idea about what a community
>> is or how WP works, since I ll be targeting newbies I am planning to start
>> from Introduction to WP, then an editing session and main motto behind this
>> would be to start an active community in Baroda or Gujarat and get the
>> contributors to EN and GU WP and commons too.
>> Now the organizers are asking few questions like "Why anyone should attend
>> it?", "What would be the exclusivity of the workshop?", "How can we
>> (university and attendees) be benefited from this?". They are worried too
>> much about "exclusivity", how to convince them that these type of sessions
>> are some thing more than "exclusively in Footprints", "first time in
>> gujarat" ??
>> Since I have no experience in conducting an outreach workshop independently
>> I want your feedback on it, and what possibly should I answer them?.
>> Please do reply with your valuable suggestions/critics.
>> -- Thanks Arnav (ricku). (User:Rangilo_Gujarati)
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Arnav, at Footprints, if you meet people who are interested in
contributing to Wikimedia's open source software projects, please do
feel free to let them know about our efforts, such as MediaWiki.  Here
are some flyers or notes that you can use if they are suitable for you.

Ten things technically inclined volunteers can do to help Wikimedia
projects: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Sumanah/TechVolunteersCanDo

The "please contribute to MediaWiki" flyer --

Also, I am the coordinator for MediaWiki's participation in the Google
Summer of Code, a selective paid summer internship for college students
who want to work remotely on open source software projects.  The
homepage for that effort is
https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code and I can give you
more information.

I hope these are useful to you.  Please feel free to translate, print,
modify, link, and so on.  Thank you! Good luck and best wishes! Hope you
can realize great outcomes from this event.  :-)

Sumana Harihareswara
Volunteer Development Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation

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