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As part of my discussions with Indic language Wikipedians I spoke with
Dhaval Vyas from Gujarati wikipedia. Dhaval has shared his editing
experiences, his vision about Gujarati wiki projects, and other related
topics. I have summarized the discussion in meta wiki. It is available

Gujarati wikipedia has more than 21,000 articles now. Gujarati wiki
community is slowly making its presence among Indic wiki communities. Though
the current community strength is small (15 active users), veteran users
like Dhaval have started conducting various outreach programs to spread the
message about Gujarati wiki among Gujarati speakers. Community is working
on to enable Narayam in Gujarati wikipedia and soon community will have
their own mailing list also.  Hope all these efforts will bring in more
active users to Gujarati wikipedia.

Kindly read the experience of Dhaval at:

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