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> Ermm, Theo, my Google Mail shows them up as separate. Infact any mail
> service or client would. The title thread itself is different. I don't
> want to derail the topic. Nice work Shiju, but why did you speak only
> to one person? Lack of participants? Noone willing to talk to you?

Actually no. I didn't say they don't show up as different, I said the
subject-line or "title" in your description is nearly identical,
discussions are hard to separate and recognize, especially when there are
12 emails with nearly identical title. The actual mention of the language
is not in the first 70 characters, so they end up looking identical.

Have a look at the mail archive for this month and the last sorted by
author and see the mails from Shiju. They all start as "Sharing insights
and experiences from Indian language wiki communities"  Followed by the
language name, which is towards then end and not displayed by gmail and
most client. The first mention of the language is after 70 character
spaces, which is usually too long for most clients including gmail to
render in the inbox itself.

Here's November

Here's December.

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