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> Hisham, I don't understand why the Executive Committee offer to be
> informed 48 HOURS in advance of the community. Isn't Wikipedia a
> community based system? If the chapter or trust is everything then
> what is the community sitting here to do? I know I sound rude, but I
> fail to understand why some people get prior preference. Especially
> after I spend an entire day talking to newcomers telling them that
> everyone in Wiki is equal.


Real world is cruel. So the Chapter / Trust might not want to AGF with
community / outside world and hence have set some mechanisms. While they
are sometimes on the firing line(like what happened on Conference with
agitation), its not always that every damn thing requires closed
communication / not assuming good faith. But the question of drawing the
line depends on which side of the fence you are sitting.  You will
understand more on hierarchy / "everyone being equal" as you see more of
outside world. If you are against hierarchy, just don't be a part of it.
But you cant complain its existence, sadly thats how the offline world is.
 At the end of the day, Chapter / Trust which ever organization cannot do
things without community support / goodwill on Wiki Projects, so don't take
this too much into yourself. There have been several incidents of community
outrage whenever an organization(both internal to movement and external
like Google/Microsoft/most recently the Harvard) tried to involve citing
mutual benefits. Its just part of the game, when it goes to extreme of
hurting the community, the community will stand up and shout. Bala had
proposed an interesting talk on the same lines at Conference CfP, but
he couldn't make it. May be he may write more.

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