Responding to both Srikanth R & Arjun's responses.


On Dec 11, 2011, at 11:07 AM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan wrote:

> Thank you for your explanation for the explanation Arjuna, but I still
> have a question. What feedback are you looking for?
> On 11/12/2011, Arjuna Rao Chavala <> wrote:
>> Hi Srikanth R,
>> Please allow me to share my view.
>> On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 11:39 PM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hisham, I don't understand why the Executive Committee offer to be
>>> informed 48 HOURS in advance of the community. Isn't Wikipedia a
>>> community based system? If the chapter or trust is everything then
>>> what is the community sitting here to do? I know I sound rude, but I
>>> fail to understand why some people get prior preference.

Srikanth R: It is indeed a community-based system and it is the community that 
is "everything"!, and yes, everyone is equal.  My thinking when I had 
volunteered the advance notice idea was a combination of continuing to build 
stronger communication with the Chapter, facilitating better co-ordination with 
the Chapter , professional courtesy to the Chapter as well as to get their 
advice and counsel in case we were not on the right track.  The idea of 48 
hours was just to give some time to look and reflect and feedback. In any case, 
the information would be shared with the community at large after the 48 hours 
- and it would hopefully be better that way.  As a community member, you should 
hopefully have better thought out and better communicated initiatives through 

>>> Especially
>>> after I spend an entire day talking to newcomers telling them that
>>> everyone in Wiki is equal.

Thank you taking time out for this session!  

>> I am some times puzzled by assumption  that people have about   Wikipedia
>> policies for individuals related to editing a wiki page online apply
>> equally to real world Wikimedia organisations with accountabilties to
>> various stakeholders including Government.  I am also concerned about  the
>> assumed separation between community and chapter based on some recent mails
>> to the India list.
>> Let me elaborate my thoughts on this.
>> Chapter members including EC members are part of community and serve
>> Community and the movement.  It is just the level and structure of
>> engagement of a person that determines whether he/she is part of  Chapter.
>> If a person reads Wikipedia, he/she is member of  community. If a person
>> contributes to Wikipedia, he/she is part of smaller subset of
>> communitycalled editors. If a person would like to promote Wikipedia
>> in real world,
>> he could do as an individual or become a member of chapter,  leverage the
>> benefits of the legal entity called "Wikimedia chapter", get affiliated
>> with SIGs  and  contribute.
>> Chapter IRC is open for everyone. Even membership is open for every Indian
>> aged above 18. So I would request everyone to treat Chapter as a subset of
>> community with more focus on growing the movement in real world.

Completely agree with Arjun.

>> Coming to your specific question about the plan for  sharing public
>> communications in advance, here is my view. As I understand, Trust is an
>> independent legal entity contributing to Wikimedia movement in India. So
>> the coordination calls are a mechanism to share plans and issues so that
>> the overall effectiveness can be improved.  Advance notice for any public
>> communication was agreed so that  each entity could provide the other
>> feedback if any, if such communication were to attribute some things to the
>> other or lead to confusion in the stakeholders.  It is mutual. I am sorry
>> the minutes did not reflect the same, though it was discussed and agreed.

Srikanth R: As clarified by Arjun, the Chapter will also be sharing information 
to India Programs - and I'll be happy to give my feedback to them on anything 
they send.  It'll help in co-ordination and make sure that the action (of India 
Programs or India Chapter) is appropriate and is appropriately communicated.

>> Hope the above helps.  I request Hisham to share his view as well.

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