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>> Hello,
>> I dont see India Programs Staff being mentioned in this page[1]. Is there a
>> specific reason to it? IIRC number of employees / contractors from this page
>> is important since goes to fundraising appeal numbers. While it is said that
>> 95 staff, am not sure if some there are more are missed out like this. Can
>> someone take it and forward and update. Thanks!
>> [1] http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Staff
> AFAIK, They are Contractors, and not staff as such , due to the
> absense of legal structure for WMF in India
> And I believe they will become  the staff of India Programme Trust ,
> once it is on wheels (And since India Trust is not an official WMF
> body, they will not be WMF Staff)

There is no reason I am aware of for us not being on the page of WMF 
Contractors - and this is one of the many things on my (long) to-do list.  
...It is also (tragically) dependent on my finding a mugshot of mine where I 
don't look like I am in a line-up...

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