I just read from the IEP talk page in en wiki that IEP program has been
cancelled for the next term.
I'm also surprised that you think we are "ploughing ahead" -- we are not. We
canceled the program for the upcoming term so we could focus on fixing the
problems.*  - LiAnna Davis, GEP communications manager, WMF [1]

In the same page, i see the first use of the "failure" word. from the
organisers. (* I don't feel that we can say we've involved the community in
determining why the Pune Pilot failed*). A page full of insights from
interviews conducted with people involved ruminating on why the program
failed has been added.[2]  Looks finally we have gotten around to
plainspeak and learning from mistakes. (I believe these interviews are
separate from Tory Read's report, which is due on Jan 15.)

It would have better if we had been informed here too, instead of having to
dig through talk page discussions. Since IEP discussions have taken all
over the place, please take care to make important announcements like this
are made in all places where previous discussions have taken place - meta,
en wiki project page, india list and INT noticeboard in India.

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