On Dec 12, 2011, at 5:55 PM, Surya Prakash wrote:

> A Wiki workshop in Salem was conducted on December 11, 2011 by the Tamil
> Wiki community.

Thanks for sharing this, Surya.  Thank you to you and to ParvathiSri, 
Thagavaluzhavan, Sodabottle, Essar for your time and effort.  It sounds like a 
wonderful session!  

I especially like the fact that you explained the basic ideas of Wikipedia 
first and then also had hands-on editing session.  Sodabottle's part about why 
it's important to improve / increase local language content is an important 
point and it's great to see it was covered. Often times, something like this - 
even though it sounds very simple - is a powerful and critical part of the 
message.  They way I often say it is that even if one might be conversant in 
English, more times than not, one counts and thinks and dreams in one's mother 
tongue.  ...and the conversation at home over dinner is largely in the 
respective mother tongues.  ...therefore the critical importance of Indic 

It'll be wonderful if folks who attended are kept in touch with so that they 
could get some hand holding as they start their journeys as newbies.

Warmest Regards,

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