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As part of my discussions with Indic language Wikipedians I spoke with few
members of Bengali wiki community.They have shared their editing
experiences, their vision about Bengali wiki projects, and other related
topics.  I have summarized the discussion in meta wiki. It is available

As you know most of the current active editors of Bengali Wikipedia is from
Bangladesh. Bengali wikipedia has close to 50 active editors as on 2011
. Over the years I got opportunity to work closely with Bengali wikipedians
for various programs (Newsletter, developing typing solution, and so on are
some of them). I remember Tinu and I closely worked with Jayantha to
conduct a wiki workshop in Kolkata.

There are a couple of very interesting features I noticed about Bengali
community.  First of all, even though it is a small community, it is very
evident from the tone and content of the discussions that it is a very warm
and welcoming community.  The second aspect I noticed is that there are
frequent community meet ups (though in fairness, there are many more
happening in Bangladesh than in India) and there is a  reasonably good
response to these meet ups.  Meet ups are a really useful way of community
building because it helps people connect and collaborate.  Common to all
Indic languages, there is a strong gap of awareness about the existence of
Bengali projects and the need is felt to get media & press coverage to
promote this.

In the context of the Kolkata Book Fair, one very interesting point that I
found about Tanvir is, he cam to know about Wikipedia at a similar book
fair in Dhaka!  I wish West Bengal wikipedians all the very best in the
Book Fair so that we can introduce and invite newbies to the Bengali
wikipedia.  We need to figure out a practical way of improving the
collaboration between Bengali wikipedians in Bangladesh and in India. I
felt very sorry when Tanvir couldn't attend WikiConference due to some VISA

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