Some of you might interested to have a early sneak peak of widely expected
feature on the rolls. Also share some love back by testing and reporting
bugs on bugzilla.

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From: Neil Kandalgaonkar <>
Date: Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 02:57
Subject: [Wikitech-l] Help us test the VisualEditor prototype
To: Wikimedia developers <>
Cc: Wikitext-l <>

Here's the demo, where you can edit some canned texts (but not actual
Wikipedia articles, yet):

Post bugs here:

And here's the blog post, which puts it more in context.

This new editor was mostly written by Trevor Parscal and Inez
KorczyƄski, although lots of others have contributed. I've sat a desk
away from them for a few months and I have to say I'm extremely
impressed with what they've put together. If you're expecting Google
Docs, we're not there yet. But the basics are starting to solidify, and
it's getting easier and easier to add cool features.

Hey MediaWiki developers, surely you're not going to let Trevor and Inez
have *all* the fun?

Neil Kandalgaonkar (|  <>

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