Nice, but I have a simple suggestion. Can a QR Code Reader be
integrated? For QRPedia purposes?
Source is there on Google Code.

On 12/12/11, Naveen Francis <> wrote:
> Wikipedia Android app..
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> From: Tomasz Finc <>
> Date: 12 December 2011 11:50
> Subject: [WikimediaMobile] First release candidate of Wikipedia Android app
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> Greetings All,
> After many check ins of hard work I'm happy to release RC1 of the
> Wikipedia Android application. For those that just want to download
> and test follow this link
> (MD5
> 58b541ff987888bf5a27ee55c1809608) or download the attachement on your
> phone.
> We need you to teset this extensively and file bugs under
> Hammer on these builds mercilessly so that we can get all the kinks
> out before our market release. Our Global Development team is really
> eager to get this app into our partners hands and we need to get all
> the bugs out as quickly as possible.
> Key points to test
> * Browse as you would normally do on WIFI, 2G, 3G, & no connectivity
> * Save an article that your on and then load it as a bookmark. Delete
> that bookmark.
> * Open your browsing history and load a previous page
> * Tap 'near me' and browse articles. Move the map and tap 'redo search
> in this area'
> * Share a link with someone on twitter or facebook
> * Changing your language preference in the Settings menu
> * Use a phone that is in a non US local to test other languages like
> Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, etc
> * .. and whatever else you may want try out
> I've setup a quick wiki page for general feedback @
> (edit away)
> There are bound to be bugs but don't think that someone will file them
> for you. If you don't file it then chances are that we wont know its
> an issue. If your not sure of wether its a bug or not then come join
> us on #wikimedia-mobile (freenode) and we'll sort it out.
> --tomasz
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Srikanth Ramakrishnan.
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