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> Srikanth, While I really appreciate the efforts you and Bala did with
> the testing and reporting bugs, this kind of comments  really
> disappoint us.  You are aware that the we were working round the clock
> to fix all the bugs within hours and we wrote the complete details in
> report.

The comments were for the entire duration of last few months, several
debates. 2 days of firefighting doesn't mean that whatever that was done
from start were correct and we pointing out mistakes is wrong. If you cant
accept negative feedback, no room for improvement.

>  Safeguarding from a horrible deployment? Could you please
> stop exaggerating things? We did expect bugs when we do this kind of
> large scale deployment with too many languages, browsers, operating
> systems and we addressed each of the bugs within hours. Some of these
> bugs can be only detected when we expose the tool to a larger
> audience. You are aware of that. All the open bugs now present are
> are not in our control - Browser bugs and Fonts bug, we disabled them
> for time being.

When I meant safeguarding, I meant safeguarding from a horrible launch.
It doesn't matter if the bugs are font related / browser bugs, when
something goes live on Wikipedia and made *default* to millions of readers,
it has to be SOLID. No compromises on quality. Many Indic wikipedias are
probably also technology resource for the language itself. We need to
maintain the quality. With all the work done, I would still say its a
horrible launch, if the hinting issue exist in Windows XP for atleast 4
languages even though its beyond your control to fix it. Didn't we ask not
to make to the feature mandatory and default (which was very much in your
control) and didn't we debate it over for days? Lets not go back doing
useless post-mortem since we don't think there are no plans of rollback /
discussion on those topics, how much ever merit was there on our side. I
would still claim we safeguarded Tamil Wikipedia and not think
as exaggeration at all. "Dark Launch" is a win-win and I suggest you do
everything possible to have it for future releases.

> Please be constructive and help us as you were doing. We deserve some
> appreciation for what we are doing.

Please go and read the first paragraph here

I do hope we were adequately constructive by reporting bugs even if it
doesnt impact us since it was not rolled out to Tamil anyway. To be very
frank, I get this thought why several of my reports(not just i18n bugs)
dont get comments / even acknowledgement in time, even though people see
it. I feel am wasting my time testing out, but still do it because there
are few people who even report things.

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