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> Although, the largest of the Indic language Wikipedias gets about
> 1/900th the traffic of English Wikipedia in traffic. [1] I think it's
> appropriate to be a bit more experimental at that scale. It remains to
> be seen whether we can get sufficient testing done via opt-in methods
> and dark launches, although I'm certainly strongly encouraging
> experimentation with both.

I dont think its appropriate to be a bit more experimental. You are seeing
the scale in absolute sense, we are seeing it in relative sense. Tamil
Wikipedia is 7th most-viewed Tamil site. I will not agree if you say our
comparison is flawed. We know that WebFonts is totally new technology area,
WMF has limitations with fewer staff, we just commented what we felt could
have been done better in current scenario only, with more involvement of
community. I am sure all of us want to see better things and are focused to
be constructive in changing things.

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