//Wait, no one called us critics. I mentioned it myself, since people felt
our mail as criticism. If giving critical feedback is being criticism, am
happy to be critic.//

Thanks for the clarification.


//Platonides(not an i18n team member)//

Thank you for the clarification and I am sorry for the misunderstanding.
While I do appreciate the work done by i18n, I still hold to the comments I
made after observing several issues. So, this is not a comment about this
single issue.

WMF needs better understanding of Indic languages and their WikiProjects
(Worst understanding example here:
and should involve the community in a better way. I do not understand
urgency to go live with the Web fonts program in such a massive scale when
it was very well advised in advance that it has problems. Why break and fix
later when we have other options?


//Although, the largest of the Indic language Wikipedias gets about
1/900th the traffic of English Wikipedia in traffic. [1] I think it's
appropriate to be a bit more experimental at that scale.//

If  Web fonts is good to go live as it is, could Santhosh convince the
Malayalam community about it? Just because the other communities are not
strong enough and technically capable, doesn't mean they can be
experimented upon whatever their size be. People like Bala and Srikanth can
be helpful only in a limited way and all the bugs can be tracked only when
the native speakers are involved.

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