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> Aah, well. Will the Hackathon be India specific.

There are multiple interpretations of that question, I think. I'll try to cover 
all interpretations I can think of.

FYI: This is all tentative.

Yesterday we came up with a focus for this developer event on gadgets, mobile 
and language support.

The Wikimedia Foundation will have to ensure that there is a healthy seed 
ratio. A seed here is someone knowledgeable enough to actually transfer 
knowledge about the technology and bring the junior level attendees (hopefully) 
to a higher skill and knowledge level, so that they in turn will be able to 
create more value by themselves and are motivated to be more engaged. For now, 
it looks like we may be able to have between 8 and 10 people of the Wikimedia 
Foundation staff attend. That means we can have a  maximum of about 50 
attendees for the in depth sessions.

As we have seen during the developer events in Mumbai and Pune a few weeks ago, 
we will probably get a group of people that will be interested in very 
different things. Mobile has both client side "app" components, as well as 
MediaWiki core and extension components - the scope is not necessarily India 
here, although communities in India can of course benefit from generic 
features. For gadgets, especially when we are talking global gadgets, a feature 
of the upcoming ResourceLoader2 (short: RL2), things like internationalisation 
and localisation may be a point of interest, but hard core JavaScript/jQuery 
user contributed feature development for multiple wikis could also be an area 
of interest. India or global? You tell me :).

Language support probably IS going to be aimed at India. It hardly makes sense 
to focus on for example African language support from Pune; we should try and 
make the most out of the very diverse knowledge pool that a national knowledge 
and education centre like Pune has to offer.

That's all I have to share for now. Hope it can satisfy your hunger for 
information for now!

I expect that Sumana will be making more formal announcements soon wrt to 
eligibility, registration, etc. shortly.

Siebrand Mazeland

M: +31 6 50 69 1239
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