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> Friends.
> Tamil Wikipedia announced a Media Contest to increase the commons
> media files like photos, audio and video in the wikipedia world.
> --cut--
> DigiKam has it, but due to some issues, the mediawiki plugin is not
> released.
> So, I started to write my own script for uploading all the files in a
> folder to upload to mediawiki.
> Here is it.

Thanks a lot for your innovation  to ease upload of images to commons.
Thanks also for making it open source, as it can be inspiration for others
to improve it and/or build other tools, which can simiplify working with
wiki projects.

Based on my previous experience with commons, the category addition is a
pain point, even with current default tools on commons.  Categories are not
added as part of Upload. After few days, a bot will flag all those images
with the uncategorised warning.  Can you explore enhancing the tool to
support categorisation along with Upload?

I will try  your tool in couple of weeks and provide more  feedback.

Arjuna Rao Chavala
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