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> Hi,
> Today, I went to download WordPress and it told me it is also available in
> Tamil. Very neatly done as it somehow detected that I am from Tamilnadu.

Geolocation within India is impossible. My guess is it used your browser's
accepted language and did it. Extension:Translate already has a similar
code like that.

> See the screenshot at: http://ravidreams.com/ta-wordpress.png
> A similar announcement in English Wiki projects is sure to double or
> triple traffic to Indic Wiki projects.
> We have been requesting this feature for years.  Curious when it will be
> implemented.

It was briefly(week or two) done in 2011 Jan (infact some nice graphic
banners) post fundraising along with Thank you banners. We have 10 months
(non-fundraiser ones) and we can display this banner all along, but
question would it help and is it non-controversial?, who are the ones who
could decide on such a high impact sitenotice based on geolocation, this
list?, meta admins?, English wikipedians of India? Though there is nothing
wrong with intent, keeping banners for long needs some consensus.

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