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> Theo,
> Clearly, links in sidebars are not getting enough eyeballs. It is also
> hard to look for one's own language when there are too many interwiki
> links. Unless you are intentionally looking for it, it is hard to notice.

The placement of the inter-wiki language links was more of a usability
decision. WMF undertook the usability initiative a couple of years ago, and
decided to place it there in the current skins.

> What I am suggesting is a country specific clear navigational aid which is
> a best practice that all major websites follow (WordPress, Google, Facebook
> all show Indic language version links if I access from India.

And I'm saying, that is similar to what we tried. We had a banner informing
only Indian editors, both logged-in and anon, that there is a version of
Wikipedia in their own language.

> It will be interesting to analyze why the banners did not work. If we are
> inviting people to contribute, only people who would like to contribute may
> check. The behavior may be different when we try different messages. Also,
> I am not looking to convert people to editors. Merely getting more readers
> and increasing awareness about the existence of local language versions is
> a great win.

At the time, my intention wasn't as much as getting editors but raising
awareness of the Indic Wikis. We didn't have analytics on during the last
tests, but I suppose click-through rates and other information could be
utilized for an analysis.

My point was, we tried it for months, it did not make any measurable
impact. The approach was very similar to what you are proposing, I believe
someone even suggested that exact proposal during that time. I asked around
and maybe there was some technical solution to making an en.wp sitenotice
geolocated to india that would pull the same info as the language side-bar
but place it on top. It doesn't seem technically hard to pull off.

Anyway, I suppose I can throw something together for a banner or test but I
am not inclined towards trying it now, we just concluded the
Wikiconference, and banners for India ran non-stop for over 3 months, which
lead into the fundraiser banners lasting the last couple of months followed
by the research study and editor trends. It is time to give central notices
for India some rest, it needs some gap unless we start loosing visibility
for banners in India, all together.

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