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> It would be great if we can produce a common standard 
> Presentation/Brochure/Leaflet (name it whatever suits) which includes all the 
> important point, "Why One should contribute to Wikipedia" from the 
> repository. 

That's one of the things I'd love to work on. In order to do successful 
outreach we need to have supportive documents that can be used and/or given 
away during the sessions. These documents need to be well thought and 
structured and should be inclusive of various aspects one needs to know about 
Wikipedia. In my opinion, a deck of documents that should be readily available 
to anyone who wants to do an outreach are:

1. Presentations. These presentation should be in different modules and the 
presenter should be able to choose a presentation from the deck depending upon 
the nature of the audience, topic of discussion during the session etc. 
Basic introduction to Wikipedia
Editing basics
Why contribute to Wikipedia?
Neutral point of view
Manual of Style
Avoiding copyright violations / plagiarism
Introduction to Wikimedia Commons

2. Leaflet/brochure that can be given away to the participants. These leaflets 
can also be used in other outreach programs: like exhibitions, trade fairs etc.

3. FAQs that can either be handed over to the participants in the session or 
can be mailed to them as a follow up.

We should make sure that each of these documents have just the right amount of 
information - too much of information can be confusing and too little 
information might not be sufficient for a newbie. 

I'm sure we have made some of these documents in the past. We need to update 
them and collate them in a common place. I can track down some of the old 
documents pertaining to these topics and share it with you all. We can then 
collaboratively start working on this deck step-by-step. Please let me know if 
this sounds good or if you'd prefer to work on this in any other way?


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