I heard the Tamil font story. Can we try and get some official person
to send out a request to font vendors?

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> On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 07:33, Subhashish Panigrahi
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>> Hi All,
>> While testing both Lohit and Utkal has hinting problems in or wp, is that
>> possible to keep them optional? As of now automatically the default font
>> changes to Lohit when you open or wp, instead of that is that possible to
>> make it optional which someone can choose the dropdown?
> Welcome to the world finally! Go read the bug[1] for a start. In summary
> i18n team feels the purpose of extension gets defeated if its not set as
> default. I tried convincing them for days it wont get defeated, but this is
> a PoV debate and solution remains at heart :). If you feel having the
> default fonts with hinting issue will affect many more people than it would
> benefit(In case of Tamil it was over 10x), then file a bug for removing
> WebFonts for or wp. But what next? 2 options.
> 1. If fonts are bad and have hinting issues, {{SOFIXIT}} . Suggest to
> Santhosh what are the issues, where it could get better, he will try his
> best and do as much as he can do. We did the same for Tamil, Lohit-Tamil is
> improved than what upstream gave, but there is a limitation here as to how
> much Santhosh can help since he is not a professional typographer and you
> may not be satisfied very much with font even after the exercise (like we
> are). There is also delivery issue which needs to be sorted if we are going
> to go this way since Win 7, most linux OS dont have hinting issue but win
> xp has it.
> 2. Get more free fonts. Look out for other free(ly licensed) fonts,
> convince people to release fonts under free license.Create a new
> font(Easier said than done,but its not Impossible). Beg,Borrow (no Steal
> doesnt apply here :D, Acquire probably applies in case money is only thing
> stopping, then a reasonable grant request might help). In short get
> alternative fonts which can be used.
> [1] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31936#c2
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> Srikanth.L

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