*While testing both Lohit and Utkal has hinting problems in or wp, is that
possible to keep them optional? As of now automatically the default font
changes to Lohit when you open or wp, instead of that is that possible to
make it optional which someone can choose the dropdown?*

Welcome to the club Subha. Finally we have some company :-)

We have been having the same difference of opinion with the i18n team since
late october (whole story in the bug linked by srikanth). It is a POV issue
as Srikanth points out. The i18n team aims to avoid the occurrence of
square boxes in any of the wikiprojects using webfonts. While we feel that
shouldnt occur till quality of default webfont = system font. Especially
for cases like Tamil, where people with system fonts are 9-10x the number
of people who see square boxes (all windows systems post XP SP2 have tamil
unicode support by default and also people are very knowledgeable about
font issues because of  a history of competing encoding formats)

While we still insist on the "webfont as non-default option", we are
exploring both solutions Srikanth lists to arrive at the "default webfont
with same quality as system font" result.  Currently the Tamil community is
a) working with santosh as he tries to improve lohit tamil b) and is
searching for a professional font developer to donate a good quality
"webfont ready" font under OFL/GPL font exclusion.

You can try either or both of these (or request the i18n for a non-default
webfont feature)

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