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> Hello,
>          The Wikimedia India chapter is forming a volunteer team/task
> force to manage *Communications, Public & Media Relations* ( In short,
> Communications) and various aspects of communications (internal & external
> ) related to India chapter and the Wikimedia movement in India. This
> includes development & execution of a communications plan for India,
> digital outreach (including social media) to increase participation (both
> reading and editing) & awareness, all aspects of PR as well as preparation
> of collateral to support various outreach efforts in the country. This
> doesn't include statutory communications to Auditing agencies/persons,
> Governmental or legal bodies and the Wikimedia Foundation, the
> responsibilities which resides primarily with the President, Secretary and
> Treasurer of the Wikimedia Chapter.
> The primary aim of the Communications, PR & Media Relations Team is to
> facilitate communication between the Wikimedia Chapter, community at large
> and the public including the media.
> *Scope of Work*
> Duties and Responsibilities of the team include, but are not limited to
> the following:
>    - Supporting and overseeing communication with Wikimedia community
>    which includes Chapter members, general public and media.
>    - Helping the Chapter Secretary in the monthly report that is send to
>    the members and the community.
>    - Handling press enquiries and answering them.
>    - Coordinating communications with the press, including press
>    releases, interviews, and inquiries.
>    - Build a close partnership and working relation with a network of
>    journalists and news editors all over India and abroad.
>    - Maintaining a list of people willing to be contacted & interviewed
>    by the media.
>    - Identify potential "media worthy" stories and getting them published
>    into the mass media.
>    - Contacting editors and publishers of Wikipedia press coverage to
>    request that corrections be published as needed.
>    - Development of a comprehensive multi-language Communications Plan
>    for Wikimedia Movement in India to support the Chapter's strategic
>    objectives. This plan must include social media, digital outreach, Public
>    Relations (PR) and supporting community and chapter outreach.
>    - Implementation of the Communications Plan - including measuring of
>    results focused on growth in participation and readership within India and
>    continuous improvement as required.
>    - Identification, selection and on boarding of specialised agencies as
>    required.
>    - Public Relations (PR) to build and manage relationships with media
>    and drive messaging that promotes participation.
>    - Build a close partnership with the Community and Wikimedia
>    Foundation India Programs to support communications and media outreach.
>    - Providing ad hoc support to the Community on all aspects of
>    communications as may be deemed necessary.
>    - Researching press lists, monitoring and analyzing media coverage,
>    both negative and positive.
>    - will be responsible for executing and carrying out PR campaigns on
>    behalf of the chapter.
>    - Improve Wikimedia media coverage especially on Indian local
>    languages.
>    - Digital outreach comprises how to drive awareness and education
>    and motivation to participate in various projects from within the existing
>    readership base.
>    - Social media includes managing and driving social media vehicles to
>    drive participation (i.e., building awareness and driving traffic to Indic
>    language editions, raising awareness of how content is created on various
>    projects and motivating and enabling participation.)
>    - Maintain the official IRC channel on freenode: #wikimedia-in and
>    regularly conduct planned IRC sessions.
>    - Maintain the social media properties including the ones on facebook
>    & twitter and Youtube channels, and all Public facing Digital resources
>    like the wiki, blog and website.
>    - Keeping the Wikimedia India Press kit and In the News sections on
>    the public wiki up to date.
>    - Interacting with the Chapter OTRS team.
>    - Working on contingency and PR response plans in the event of PR
>    crisis related to the chapter or the Wikimedia movement in India.
>    - Participating in Global Wikimedia Communications committee and
>    subscribed to its mailing list: wmfc...@mail.wikimedia.org
>    - Help and co-ordinate the Community Newsletter, WikiPatrika
>    - Supporting media coverage of Chapter , Wikimedia Foundation and
>    Community led events and initiatives in India like Wikiconference,
>    wikimeeetups, wikiacademies, workshops etc
> More Information : http://members.wikimedia.in/Communications
> *How to Volunteer?*
> If you are interested to volunteer to this team, please drop a private
> mail to *tinucherian(at)wikimedia(dot)in* expressing your interest,
> expertise and previous experience in field of Communications, PR & Media
> Relations and Social Media.
>  Looking forward to hear from you.
> Regards
> Tinu Cherian
> Head of Communications, PR & Media Relations, Wikimedia Chapter.
> pr...@wikimedia.in

This is a great initiative. :)

Can we get members of the team signed up for ComCom too?

Steven Walling
Community Organizer at Wikimedia Foundation
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