This sounds very promising to me, the fiasco which I faced during a recent
academy will be ever in my mind :)

Thanks Philippe

On 21 December 2011 03:53, Philippe Beaudette <>wrote:

> Nitika,
> You folks are doing a great job with this on your own, but I wanted to be
> sure you know that I can lift the cap of 7 account creations per day, if
> you let me know what day you're doing something. :)
> That's an open offer to anyone doing outreach...
> pb
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> On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 4:15 AM, Nitika <> wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>>    - *There were no laptops for the participants or the internet
>>    connection was weak - so I could only give a lecture on wikipedia but 
>> could
>>    not give hands-on training*
>>    - *I conducted sessions but I really don't know if anything
>>    productive came out of it since I'm not confident that anyone of the
>>    participants will actually start editing.  My time is limited and I really
>>    want to figure out how to make the best use of it.*
>>    - *I keep reading that outreach sessions should be done in a fun
>>    manner - but I just don't know how to handle such a serious topic like
>>    Wikipedia in a fun manner.*
>>    - *I could not get more than 7 people to create user accounts because
>>    of the 7 per day limit for creating user logins from an single IP address 
>> -
>>    so the rest of the participants were not able to be more actively involved
>>    in the session.*
>>    - *I want to help out on outreach because I love doing it - but I'm
>>    relatively new to Wikipedia and not sure if I can convey the right 
>> messages.
>>    *
>>    - *I prepared standard presentations introducing Wikipedia and the
>>    basics of editing - but I wish I had structured material available on the
>>    difference between paraphrasing, close paraphrasing and 
>> plagiarism/copyvio.
>>    *
>>    - *I asked the participants to write down their names and email IDs
>>    so that I could stay in touch with them after the session - but could not
>>    read the handwriting of a couple of them.*
>>    - *I really want to do outreach - but I am not confident of my public
>>    speaking skills.  I really wish I could help out but not sure how.*
>>    - *I got irritated preparing the presentations because I am sure many
>>    others would have already prepared these and it seem like a waste of time.
>>    *
>>    - *It would have been really good if I have left handouts for each
>>    participants so they could read and refer to them at leisure.*
>> For all those who have conducted (or thought about) outreach sessions, do
>> these sound familiar?  I've been talking to a whole host of community
>> members and participating in outreach session and I wanted to share some
>> thoughts with you and to ask your help and advice.  I'm a new mail thread
>> on this because I am trying to combine some fantastic points from a series
>> of recent, related (and somewhat related) threads
>>  R's thread on "What's in it for me")
>>  thread on improving infrastructure)
>>  S' thread on help for outreach in Gujarat)
>>  post on GLAM - and specfically the point that GLAM and outreach
>> should inter-linked.)
>> *Most of us believe that we need to attract more newbies to our projects
>> to help our Indic projects grow and to improve Indian content on English
>> Wikipedia.  I also think that many would agree that not enough outreach is
>> happening and that results from the outreach that is happening can be
>> improved.  I suspect that a lot more people might be interested in doing
>> outreach but are often not sure how to do it. I think that we need to
>> figure out what are all the various things we can do to make sure that
>> every minute spent by volunteers on outreach is as productive as
>> possible.   *
>> I would like to propose that I start working on these aspects.  My
>> current (very initial) thinking is as follows:
>>    1. Speak to as many more community members as possible who have
>>    conducted outreach sessions, plan to conduct them or even attended session
>>    and learn from them their experiences on outreach.  Document and share 
>> tips
>>    and best practices to the entire community.
>>    2. Create a repository for all presentations as well as handouts,
>>    FAQs pages, etc.  (prepared in English to begin with, but later translated
>>    to Indic languages).  These presentations must be in distinct module so
>>    that there could be a standard basic introduction section, editing basics
>>    and then separate sections for specific sub-topics such as NPOV,
>>    referencing, WP:MOS, etc.  These could be accessed at will by any 
>> community
>>    member and used / edited / adapted at will by them.  I realise there might
>>    be some duplication because a lot of this exists in various places - but 
>> it
>>    will be useful to have them all together in one place.
>>    3. Identify what kind of audience is most receptive to outreach by
>>    volunteers - and try and help organise more outreach sessions for these.
>>    To illustrate, are there interest groups that might hold particular
>>    potential like college festival or an ornithology society or a language
>>    club.  Also, do a lot of hands-on outreach in areas where the current
>>    volunteer community is particularly small, such as in Delhi.
>>    4. Work closely with community groups (like we did for Pune's
>>    recently concluded CDMA expo or I am working with the West Bengal 
>> community
>>    on the upcoming Kolkata Book Fair) to help in the planning and organising
>>    and conducting of various outreach programs. I can help in many things 
>> from
>>    background support or (wo)manning a stall!
>>    5. Provide ad hoc support for any kind of outreach activity that
>>    anyone needs help with.  (I am not sure about what this might involve but
>>    I'm putting it down because I'm sure there will be things that need need 
>> to
>>    be done!)
>> * I need some help from you.*
>> Would you let me know if the above 5 points would be useful?  Please feel
>> free to share ideas, comments, suggestions, modifications, warnings, etc.
>> Please do go through the following page (
>> even though it is still in early-stages but will house my work.  Please
>> feel free to edit the page or to add comments on the talk page or offline
>> to me.  (My email ID is
>> Would you let me know (offlist, please) if I can connect with if you are
>> interested in sharing your experiences, can help me out on this work or
>> just need some help on outreach? I really would like to talk to as many of
>> you as I can to learn from you and to offer whatever help I can, however
>> little it might be.  (...To the folks who I have reached out but are still
>> ignoring me - you know who you are...  :-(  Do talk to me. I'm really very
>> nice!  :-)
>> Thank you so very much.
>> Nitika
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