> but I wanted to be sure you know that I can lift the cap of 7 account 
> creations per day, if you let me know what day you're doing something. :)
> That's an open offer to anyone doing outreach...

Hey Phillipe, 

I am now aware that there is a possibility of releasing an IP from this rule. 
But I learnt this the hard way! I sat through an outreach session where we 
encountered blocking of IP and the participants were very disappointed because 
they could not create their usernames. There is another mail from Subhashish 
which echoes similar experience. 

By way of working on this document and putting together small tips like these 
will make sure that others don't go through this pain. I'd encourage everyone 
to put their thoughts/learnings here so that all of us can benefit out of it 
and make our outreach sessions more effective.

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