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> Some of you might have followed the recent improvement with Artcle Feedback
> Tool v5 (AFTv5) , for those who didnt please read[1]. Even before reading
> the entire page, something struck me. The design is strangely synonymous
> with Indian comment boards. I strongly feel, having this on India articles
> will generate more trash than any feedback and 100x load more on editors to
> cut the junk, moderate etc. If

Hi Srikanth,

determining the signal/noise ratio on different types of articles is
exactly part of the current evaluation. Please see:


* these free text comments aren't yet visible through the site; we're
collecting them for the initial analysis;
* if we find that we get a reasonable amount of actionable, useful
free text suggestions this way, building scalable systems for
filtering/managing those comments is precisely the next item on the

Some ideas on how that could work (very preliminary) are here, and
more are welcome:

Your participation is much appreciated and Oliver can give you and
anyone additional pointers to get involved.

I do personally believe this could be a really, really important step
for getting many more people involved, but it's also - for sure - very
important to get this right. Nobody has any interest in re-inventing
YouTube comments or similar crap.
Erik Möller
VP of Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation

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