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> The first is that the tool is directly saying "what do you think about the
> content" and not "what do you think about the subject of the content",
> which might cut *some* junk. Second

This is partly true, also an option to "move the feedback to talk page" can
help, so not just the feedback viewers get access to feedback (which would
help improve the article), everyone else also has it.

 On the second front, there will be a full range of "hide" tools (and
> possibly the ability to block), and the oversight function is being
> included.. It is still to be determined who will be able to use these
> "hide" tools.

I would also prefer to keep this barrier low. Am slightly concerned that
one day the number of tools will grow more than the number of people there
to monitor them (esp WikiProject India and other smaller projects)
(exaggeration!) But growing editors is key and I hope this will directly /
indirectly involve more people and make people to start editing (along with
visual editor etc).

Hi Erik,

Thanks for pointers.

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