On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 5:07 PM, sankarshan <foss.mailingli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 11:28 AM, Ravishankar <ravidre...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Only few years before even PCs supported all of these and it will take more
>> years to get this in all gadgets. So, the only expectation now is to at
>> least display the characters well. Input is the next priority which can be
>> solved by 3rd party apps for time being once the display issue is solved.
> Linux distributions have had the underlying codebase infrastructure to
> "support" Indian languages for close to 8 years now. Admittedly, the
> frameworks have changed/improved and, the resultant APIs have evolved.
> But the definition and scope of support put forth in my original mail
> has existed for that period of time. So it is certainly not a "few
> years".
> "Displaying the characters well" is a very broad based statement and,
> I'll provide an example from the 4.0.3 build - I see Bengali rendered
> with some degree of accuracy when using the Gmail app, the same cannot
> be said when using the Twitter app for Android. Which brings out the
> notion that the ability to build up and use the existing underlying
> frameworks is not very well baked in. The other bit that will be
> useful to create a set of publicly available standard test pages for
> Indic text. Paragraphs which have sufficient complexity being handled
> via nearly all conjunct combinations and so forth would actually help
> testing the mobile app to the fullest.
> Input and, primarily input methods are desired to be some form of
> standardization or, at least a reference implementation. In the early
> days of Linux (and, very recently during the stage with the 'Rupee'
> symbol), a lot of 3rd party application developers and ISVs came up
> with their own implementation of input methods and layout. The
> resultant effect was a large corpus of document which needed some form
> of 'translation' into Unicode-compliant form. Punting on ISVs to fix
> the input issue is a bad bet fraught with dangers. I am not suggesting
> that the ISVs will go out and deliberately muddy up waters. But the
> nature of the business and, the precedent leaves no doubt of such a
> situation repeating itself.

Well said sankarsan.

Did anyone tested wikipedias in these languages in Android ICS?
The controversial Lohit-Tamil font (I understand , Quality issues with
Lohit was the reason for disabling Webfonts extention in Tamil) seems
to be  the default in Android . Anyway rendering in Andoid will be
better that that of windows , because it uses harfbuzz.


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