Thanks for bringing this up Ashwin (and for the detailed feedback). If the 
images are not named properly, people will not be able to recognise them, which 
makes the whole exercise useless.

Can I suggest, now that the images have been uploaded such, the uploaders 
update the image summary with details of each image, so that people outside 
Kolkata can identify images and use them where required.

Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 00:41:10 +0530
Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] [Wikimedia-in-WB] Kolkata Photo Walk (Esplanade 
& Dalhousie)


First of all many thanks to our Calcutta brethren  for conducting this photo 
walk and many thanks for uploading the images to Commons. Such events will 
greatly help our country's herittage buildings, architecture, landmarks etc be 

After trying a quick & dirty look up with the results of your wonderful event,  
some points come to mind.

1. NAMING OF IMAGES - . The images with building names included in name are 
very useful & easily locatable

eg :

Images named in the following manner are not at all useful to find the building 

eg : File:Wikimedia_Photowalk_-_Kolkata_2011-12-18_(32).JPG

especially since about 150 of these are so named.

2. CATEGORISATION - Images need to be categorised otherwise the images cannot 
be located/used by those who dont know where to look for them.

3. ARTICLE USAGE - Tried to see what has stubs/images on English Wikipedia  -

1. Shahid Minar - No link. [[Shaheed Minar]] of Bangladesh not India
2. Metropolitan Building - [[Metropolitan Building (Minneapolis0]] not Kolkata

3. Tipu Sultan Mosque - [[Tipu Sultan Mosque]], image already available
4. Victoria House - no article
5. Statesman House - no article but an image may be added (when located) to 

6. Aaykar Bhawan - no stub
7. Great Eastern Hotel - can be added to 
8. Central Telegraph Office - page for CTO Colombo & London but not for Mumbai 
& Kolkata

9. National Assurance Building - no building
10. Junior Staff Quarters of the Governor11. Raj Bhawan - can be added to 

12. St. John's Church - Meerut & Secunderabad pictured for India only
13. General Post Office - can be added to [[General_Post_Office,_Kolkata]]
14. Kolkata Collectorate - no article

15. Writers' Building - [[Writers'_Building]]
16. St. Andrews Chapel - no article

4. STUB IMPROVEMENT - Many buildings have no stubs. These need to be made. 
Others need references, geo-code, images, etc.

Hope this feedback is useful in some way.
Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 9:01 PM, Kalyan Sarkar <> wrote:

We met at the foot of Shahid Minar at 7AM in the morning. It was a bit foggy 
and chilly. We are enjoying an early winter chill and record low temperatures 
in Kolkata this year. After enjoying a steaming cup of tea at the CSTC Canteen 
and began our walk.

ROUTEWe crossed the J.L.Nehru Road and Lenin Sarani crossing and took Bentinck 
Street. Then we took left along the Waterloo Street, reaching the Great Eastern 
Hotel, we took right along the Hemanta Basu Sarani to B.B.D.Bagh Square. Then 
we proceeded along B.B.D.Bagh Sarani and took left turn to Red Cross Place to 
reach the entrance of Raj Bhawan. From there we proceeded along the Government 
Place to St John's Church and took right along Council House Street and Netaji 
Subhash Road and ended at the  Writers Buildings.

MONUMENTSWe covered the following monuments.1. Shahid Minar2. Metropolitan 
Building3. Tipu Sultan Mosque4. Victoria House5. Statesman House

6. Aaykar Bhawan7. Great Eastern Hotel8. Central Telegraph Office9. National 
Assurance Building10. Junior Staff Quarters of the Governor11. Raj Bhawan

12. St. John's Church13. General Post Office14. Kolkata Collectorate15. 
Writers' Building16. St. Andrews Chapel

2. Asutosh Mookerjee3. Prafulla Chaki4. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy5. Binay Badal 

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