Dear all,
It would be great if we could start thinking of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012
so that we can get discussions going and hope to participate in the global

I am passing you guidelines on WLM that have already been created. These
are pretty elaborate and can help us do it nationally and locally. Do have
a look at these:

Also, for those asking for a timeline, this is the 2011 timeline and should
give you an idea of how things may unfold. Now, since we have our SIGs in
place, can we do multi city coordination and include this in our next IRC

Do subscribe to the WLM-IN list here: so that we
don't have to keep flooding the Community list :)

Thank you,

Noopur Raval
Arts and Aesthetics
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Ph: 9650567690
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